M337 ODE's / Policies



  • Late homework will not be accepted

  • No make-up quizzes

  • No make-up tests

Personal Conflicts
No special arrangements will be made for personal conflicts such as:

  • Family related issues (weddings, visiting relatives or relatives visiting you during regular class meetings).
  • Work related conflicts: schedule, travelling, etc.
  • Vacations planned during regular class meetings.
  • Personal problems with roommates.
  • Traveling to athletic events.

Special arrangements can be made, however, only in the most compelling and verifiable reasons such as disabilities. In order to compensate for unforseable conflicts for beign ill or simply having a bad day, some low scores from homework/quizzes might be dropped. The exact number will be determined at the end of the semester.

Cell Phones
Please turn off your cell phones during class. No texting while class in progress. You will be reported to the Dean's office for texting or use of cell phone during class.

I submit the grade you earned in the class. This grade may be different than the one you wanted or needed in the class. I do not negotiate grades. Please respect this policy.

Students needing special accommodations for testing need to inform the instructor as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in having to take the tests in class.

Attendance will not be recorded. It is your responsability, however, to be up to date in the progress of the course, dates for: homework, quizzes, exams, and any possible changes made to this syllabus. In-class homework and quizzes may or may not be announced in advanced. The instructor reserves the right to assign in-class work without advanced notice. Please visit regularly this web page since class information will be posted throughout the semester.

Lateness or leaving class early, reading newspapers or other material not related to this class, along with any other behavior considered a distraction to those around you, including the instructor, will not be tolerated. If lateness becomes a common problem, the instructor reserves the right to lock the doors.

Academic Integrity
All work that you complete in this class should be your own. In particular, exams, homework, and quizzes, are considered individual work. Copying (or allowing to be copied ) someone else work is considered cheating and will be penalized. Any form of cheating will result in an "F" in the course. Any conduct that distracts from the learning process will not be tolerated. If a student disrupts the class or hinders the progress of any other student (i.e. talking during the lecture portion of the class), that student will be dropped from class.

General Questions
Remeber that you are in charge of your education. Take responsibility and learn the material as best you can. If you have a question, ask it! If you do not understand something, say so! Any question that will help you to better understand the material is not stupid. Because of this, I expect you to be patient and respectful of others who ask questions in an effort to do well.

A TA/Grader may be assigned to this course. Name and office hours will be announced later.



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