M337 ODE's / Syllabus

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Office Hours: M W 3PM - 4PM
e-mail: palacios AT euler.sdsu.edu

A Modern Introduction to Differential Equations
Author: Henry J. Ricardo
Publisher: Academic Press

Cell Phones: Please turn off your cell phones during class. NO TEXTING.

Course Outline

  1. First Order Equations
    • Introduction
    • Separable Equations
    • Linear Equations
    • Qualitative Methods
    • Bifurcations
    • Existence and Uniqueness
  2. Numerical Solutions
    • Euler's Method
    • Runge-Kutta
  3. Second Order Equations
    • Homogeneous Equations with Constant Coefficients
    • Nonhomogeneous Equations
    • Undetermined Coefficients
    • Variation of Parameters

  1. Higher Order Equations
    • Higher Order Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients
    • Transformation to Systems of ODEs
    • Qualitative Analysis
  2. Systems of ODEs
    • 2D Systems of Linear ODEs
    • Equilibrium Points
    • Stability
  3. Laplace Transforms
    • Introduction
    • Inverse Laplace Transforms
    • Transforms of Systems of ODEs
  4. Series Solutions
    • Power Series
    • Singular Points
    • Method of Frobenius



You are required to turn in proof of completion of M254, with a minimum grade of C, by
Wednesday, September 3. Unofficial copy of transcripts would suffice. Failure to show
proof will result in being dropped from the course.


[1] MATLAB Tutorial: http://www.math.mtu.edu/~msgocken/intro/intro.html
[2] ODE Software for MATLAB
[3] Interactive Differential Equations


Homework + Quizzes
20 %
2 Midterm Exams
50 %
Final Exam
30 %
Grading Scale
A -- (minus)
90% and above
B -- (minus)
80% and above
C -- (minus)
65% and above
D -- (minus) 55% and above




*Note: Exam dates listed above are tentative and will be confirmed in class. The instructor reserves the right to change these dates if considered necessary.

  • All work that you complete in this class should be your own. In particular, exams, homework, and quizzes, are considered individual work. Copying (or allowing to be copied ) someone else work is considered cheating and will be penalized. Any form of cheating will result in an "F" in the course.
  • Quizzes may or may not be announced. If a quiz is given at the beginning of class and you are late, you will not be able to take this quiz earlier.If a quiz is given at the end of the hour, you will not be able to take this quiz earlier.

Important Dates

Last Day of Classes December 10

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